Updates August 2020

Unfortunately our annual fruit show, due to take place in September, is the latest casualty of the ongoing situation and has had to be cancelled for this year.

At the moment we are still waiting to find out whether the apple event will happen at the end of October but will let you know if there are any changes to the details already published in the newsletter.

We are still hopeful that the meeting and AGM in November will be able to go ahead as planned.

In the July newsletter our chairperson asked for your thoughts and suggestions on the direction for the group moving forward. Some suggestions have already been put forward, and we will be working out how to incorporate these, but if you have any more ideas please let us know before the deadline for the next newsletter which is the 10th September.

Despite all the other difficulties at the moment, nature seems to be giving us a bumper fruit harvest this year so all of us with access to gardens, allotments or even a few pots do at least have something to cheer us.

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