January Newsletter out now

The January edition of the Newsletter should have reached members by now, by post or email according to their preference.

Last year, we celebrated twenty years of production with a look back at our first four issues, in 1998, and a few more retrospectives have crept into this latest issue. The Fruit Novice is storing quinces in a very old-fashioned way, member Stuart Denton has found a cache of old magazines and promises to entertain us with snippets from the 1930s and 40s, and yes, there really was a Granny Smith. In addition to her (it?), George Baker looks at the origin of some his local apples, as does James Ellson (to avoid losing at scrabble yet again) and Anne Lee is back on the trail of Ernest Oddy’s old notebooks. Plus we have reports on some past events and information on events to come, appeals for help, some research results on mulch, Chris Simmonds on eating fuchsia berries (truly), Celia Cropper on quinces, and lots more.

Not a member? Join now to be in time for the April issue.

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