Apple Event, October 31 to November 4

The Group’s annual Apple Event will take place this year from Wednesday October 31 to Sunday November 4 in the Lodge and Greenhouse at Harlow Carr Garden in Harrogate. 

Dozens of varieties of apples will be on display, and experts will be available to identify any mystery specimens you care to bring along. 

Setting up will take place on Monday and Tuesday October 29-30. Volunteers are needed both to help with setting up, and to ‘police’ the event as it takes place. You do not need to be an expert! This could be a great learning opportunity, as well as supporting a fruit group event. If you would like to help, please contact Margaret Drury (details in the Newsletter).

Admission to the event is free, as is admission to the Garden if you can prove you belong to the NFG by producing your membership card or wearing our shirt.

For an introduction to the science – or should that be art? – of apple identification, see Anne Lee’s article in our October Newsletter.

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